Wednesday, 25 April 2018

My Best Friend

As you joyfully explore the time of day, you are inadvertently imparting wisdom,
Which can be read in your happiness, and absorbed in your playful memories.
I reap what I sow in you, and am nourished by supplements of growing love,
That you display in your devotion, bodily motion, and expressive emotion. 

You strive forward in leaps and bounds, often surpassing my expectations
By climbing heights I thought were above you, that you now look down upon.
Take the lead and I will follow - tailing your trailing to alleviate possible failing,
And I will beg, steal or borrow, to see you safely into tomorrow devoid of sorrow.

I marvel at your intellect, and research and analyse your common sense and logic,
Which are reasoned with innocence, as you are guilty of a lack of understanding.
Life isn't always a 'walk in the park', as 'swings and roundabout's' often occur,
So, when you 'bark up the wrong tree', toy around with different concepts. 

Sometimes 'cat and mouse' games don't suffice, and it is better to play ball,
So heed with greed the need to feed others with a consumable consciousness
That is palatable to tastes in humane decency, and perspicacious respectability -
I will open up some doors, but take a step backwards before you move forwards. 

© Andrew Stevenson 11/07/2017
A re-edited piece.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Ready For Steady

I’m seeing my Babe later,
I’m aptly very fond of her
And am glad she is mine
Sharing with me her time.
We are very compatible
And are both sensible
As we are both mature
Wisely knowing the score. 

My girlfriend is very pretty
And I feel luckily lucky
To have plucked a Rose
With more dates proposed.
I will thoughtfully be a gent’
With this Lady heaven sent. 

© Andrew Stevenson 23/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Saturday, 21 April 2018


Dennis, my mates brother,
Was a desirable other,
As he offered his services
With lots of adherences. 

He loved his close family
With all of his given might,
He heartedly acted brotherly
And was a sight of might. 

He understood care with a stare
As he suffered a personal hell
Of a duration drinking spell
Regardless of personal care. 

He is now in heavenly heaven
Regardless of his disbeliefs
As he is still classed as Brethren
Despite his griefs of beliefs. 

© Andrew Stevenson 28/03/2017
A re-edited piece.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

A Delight

Toni is a delight of literary insight,
She is reading what I am writing
On my Google, blogging website
And tells me my poems are pleasing. 

I like the way she acts with no pretence,
As she is openly loving to my brother in law
With a kissing and cuddling appetence
Of sharing herself to him to the core. 

I admire her to a sincere degree,
She is noble and a nice character,
She governs with a sense of popularity
And her colleagues savour her behaviour. 

Toni is positive with positivity
And respectfully she is caring
To all who know her, and publicly
She is well mannered with sharing.

© Andrew Stevenson 15/03/2017
A re-edited piece expressing my brother-in-laws partner.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Forgiving Beckoning

Come back from where you went,
And adhere to this beckoning cry,
Of time inconsiderately spent
Being an adulterous pig in a sty.
What about the vows you made,
And my welfare amidst mockery,
That I am too feeble and fade
Into a background of crockery.
Am I a ball and chain of hindrance,
And are you master of my destiny;
I won't put up with this severance
Of love to servitude prosperity.
You were an eyeful of pride,
And a joy to proudly behold –
So repent and quietly subside
This humiliating, sad scold.
My love is still warm within
And my forgiveness is ripe –
So please get rid of this sin
And come to me in the night.
Make love to I under the moon,
And caress my worries away,
Do not seal my tomb of gloom
Calling on this temptress to play.
Cuddle me in you motions,
And gyrate next to I curves,
And let's mix our emotions
In a sea of washing waves.
© Andrew Stevenson 20/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

My All Laid Bare

I love you with care,
With my all laid bare.
I'm an open book to read
And a conquest to heed.

You keep me rationally sane
Regardless of all my pain -
But I'll leave my sorrows
For much better tomorrows.

Hold me and I'll reciprocate,
And reap spoils that eradicate
My negativity and irrationality
With nice, humane decency.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/04/2018

Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Christinaly Tranquility

My girlfriend acts Christianly
By sensibly sharing and caring,
She is a pleasant sight to see
And I am glad of our pairing.
We have a blossoming romance
Which is aptly blissfully exciting
And I am glad she took the chance
Of getting in-touch for some dating. 

We like each-other’s company
And like the essence of serenity
That we are both experiencing
While hugging and kissing.
I have the time of day for ‘Di’,
And she thinks I’m a loving Guy. 

© Andrew Stevenson 04/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Blue With A Coughing Flu

I gave my girlfriend the flu,
She is now feeling very blue,
I haven’t seen her for a week
As she’s suffering being weak;
She has been coughing a lot
And has been ill with being hot,
I’m sorry for her time so bleak
And seek better times to reap. 

I am seeing her on the morrow
And hope she’s over her sorrow,
I will give her a kiss and a hug
If she is over this unpleasant bug.
I have missed sharing her company
And she has been thinking similarly. 

© Andrew Stevenson 19/03/2018
A piece I wrote last month.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

From Single To Mingle

I am feeling happy
With dating a honey
Who is very pretty.
It’s all nicely exciting
This new romancing
Of loving wooing.
I like all of the hugging
With passionate kissing. 

My Lady acts Christianly
Being charitable to me,
She is respectfully kind –
I’ll thank her in rhyme.
We’ve both been single
For a sizable duration. 

© Andrew Stevenson 18/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Behold Hot And Not Cold

I have met a Hot-Babe
Who is a sight to save –
Who’s company I crave
As she is a Sweet-Honey
Now making my life sunny
With how she does shine,
And I’m glad she is mine
As she is Christianly kind. 

I am seeing her Thursday
Where we will fondly stray
Into each-other’s waiting arms
Expressing our loving charms.
Di is lovably lovable with love
And lovingly gives me a hug. 

© Andrew Stevenson 03/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

A New Romance

I have been buzzing
Expressing loving
To a Pretty-Honey
Who likes seeing me.
We have been texting
In-between our dating
And it is all exciting
This new romancing. 

Di likes my dog Sadie
Who is jealous of she
Snuggling up to me
Hugging passionately.
We share blissful kisses
Fulfilling our wishes. 

© Andrew Stevenson 03/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Date To Sate My Loving Appetitie

I am dating a fine Lady
Who might be my honey,
I feel joyfully very lucky
As she is stunningly pretty;
I am seeing her tomorrow
With feelings that can grow:
We’ve been keeping in-touch
And have some faith and trust. 

She has an epithet of character
Of lovingly loving her daughter,
And I’m the same with Georgia
With a love that will not waver.
We have shared a cuddly hug
But not of late as she’s had a bug. 

© Andrew Stevenson 19/03/2018
A piece I wrote last month.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

A Bright Sight Glow

I like to say ‘hi’ to di
And hate saying ‘bye’,
As she’s nice company
And is pleasantly chatty.
I think she is beautiful
Making my life fruitful
With sharing her grace
Which shows on my face. 

She is hot with being sexy
And I’m glad she’s a Honey
Shining bright like it’s sunny
Remedying my being lonely.
She has been ill all of today
So couldn’t come out to play.

© Andrew Stevenson 03/04/2018
A poem I wrote earlier on in the month. My girlfriend has kindly allowed me to post posts of her now.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Concealed Until I Am Revealed

I am dating a fine Lady
Who is a pretty-honey,
She is aptly concealed
Until I’m timely revealed.
But I have wrote pieces
Revealing both our graces
Of sharing loving embraces
That lights up both our faces. 

We like each-other’s company
And share a good compatibility
As we are both similarly the same
Searching for gain from crying rain.
We’ve both been single for a duration
And enjoy each-other’s supplication. 

© Andrew Stevenson 14/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Pray On Sunday

It’s a day of rest today
As it’s joyfully Sunday,
Lots of Christians pray
For Jesus to have His way
By becoming a Friend
By following His trend
Of lovingly loving love
From our God up above. 

Pastors will wisely preach
That Jesus is within reach
And that He is our Saviour
Teaching Godly behaviour.
The Holy Spirit hears you
When you pray while blue. 

© Andrew Stevenson 15/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Friday, 13 April 2018

A Run With Fun

I have just taken Sadie out,
She had an enjoyable run,
At the end I gave her a shout
To leave from having her fun.
She likes to have a sniff about
And chases innocent wildlife –
Who fearfully fear for their life
While escaping her playful strife. 

Springtime Daffodils blooming
Were picturesquely consuming,
The cute birds chirping and flying
Were looking for food for eating.
The bright, early morning sunrise
Was a nice and colourful surprise. 

© Andrew Stevenson 14/04/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Sadie as a pup and now.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Still Wintery

I fell asleep too early
And got up at three,
I took out my dog Sadie
Who needed a wee.
It was sadly snowing
Which made it freezing,
The cold wind blowing
Had my nose running. 

It is Spring Equinox on Tuesday
But Winter’s still having her way,
We’ve had many a blinding blizzard
Making walking a slippery hazard.
I’m staying in to keep nicely warm
And to be free from bugs that harm. 

© Andrew Stevenson 19/03/2018
A poem I wrote just before Spring.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Expressive Loving

Having lovable expressions to lovingly express yourself is lovably expressing yourself expressively with loving expression. 

© Andrew Stevenson 03/04/2018

Sunday, 11 March 2018

My Precious Rose

 My mother is my precious rose
Whose petals wrap lovingly around me,
Gone are many of the hurts in life
When she embraces me in her bloom. 

From Eve’s garden she grew,
Plucked by God’s own hand;
An angel in my loving eyes
Always watching over me. 

Charmed with the brightest of colours
That Mother Nature could nurture.
She is a beautiful rainbow
In whose love I flourish.

The sun will always shine on her,
Illuminating her motherly beauty.
Such beauty I hold close,
Be it near or far away. 

Her stem will always stand firm,
Supporting me in times of need:
A pillar of great strength
Keeping me always upright. 

My mother is my precious rose,
Whose thorns do not prickle but protect:
Entwined in her armour I face the world
To fall at no ones’ feet but my own.

© Andrew Stevenson 27/02/2017
A mother's day piece.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Winter Blues

The wailing winter wind that blows a gale
Sweeps like a brittle brush scouring the land,
Rendering the autumn forests frail
And anything else that comes at hand. 

At the helm is Jack Frost, fearless and brave,
Advancing behind him a force of snow and hail;
Some of the elderly will come nearer to their grave –
Soon to be just a photograph, a memory, a tale. 

Outside the window there’s a tap,
Old Jack is back.
England groans at that familiar sound
And falls down on her knees. 

Like a light which takes away the dark,
What we knew before has now grown stark,
Good on the eye but cold on the feet –
Autumn’s goodbye as winter we meet. 

Tap, tap, tap –
Old Jack is back.

© Andrew Stevenson 12/03/2017
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


Golden locks draw you in to a focal point smile, that spreads wide with a pride
Of conversing charitable needs; and rightly and justly so, with insight to know
That to aptly teach wisdom of a morality of standing is noble and honourable,
And to have an understanding attitude brings gratitude from masses of classes. 

Small in height, but large in stature, with hips that shake and sway in a way
To capture your attention, with the intention of marketing her tuneful singing,
But with a mind to aptly share, with a care for others as sisters and brothers,
As to be Christianly is Godly, and to offer a hand in her homeland is grand. 

A figure to desire, and a must is to lust as she is sultrily sexy,
But her charms are alms in visionary sight, as she aids the plight
Of Columbian gripe, that can be out of sight, but heed her need
To feed those less fortunate without the greed of sowing seed. 

© Andrew Stevenson 20/2/14 

This poem is about Shakira, the pop singer, who is very charitable in her homeland.
A re-edited piece.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Blue With Flu

I’ve been ill for a week
Suffering from the flu,
I was feeling very blue –
Sadly lethargically weak.
Hobbies I couldn’t pursue
As I wrestled to aptly keep
My concentration so bleak
While sweating in my sheet. 

I still had to brave the weather
Walking my pet dog Sadie. 

Gladly I am now much better
And am feeling happily happy. 

Many get sick during cold winter
With many bugs floating freely. 

© Andrew Stevenson 05/03/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Saturday, 3 March 2018


Pick up your army gun and go and fight,
Use your whit and grit with all of your might,
Use your rank as cover and take refuge at the back,
Let lesser morsels explore the bomb beaten track. 

Victims of terror, pawns in a political game,
With many now sadly being mentally insane,
As to explore no man’s land is a shaking fear,
With raining explosions booming in your ear. 

Boldly marching on, breaking the frozen puddles,
Bitter cold biting, sending your senses in muddles,
And to be brave by soldiering on under the sun –
A comfort to cling to while facing what’s to come. 

Gruesome death, dismembered limbs flying,
Soldiers painstakingly trying to aid the dying,
Disorder, chaos at the front, shooting and stabbing
Slipping, hiding, taking cover while manoeuvring. 

© Andrew Stevenson 12/03/2017
A re-edited piece.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Out Of The Dark With A Bark

I took Sadie to see my Daughter,
She took some snaps of me and her
And my Grandchildren, Lacy May
And Kenzie all together at play.
Sadie was happily wagging her tail
In the pictures I got from my email,
I have already posted some of them
And have some more to post again. 

Sadie has fun with my Grandchildren
Who both take her for a short run,
She is strong and can pull quite hard
And with the kids is on her guard.
Sadie likes to roll on her stocky back
Where she will wait for a belly pat.

© Andrew Stevenson 01/03/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

My Pet Dog Sadie



Me, Sadie, and my Daughter Georgia, and my Grandchildren, Lacy May and Kenzie.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Sorry For Sins

A short story I've re-edited with Biblical connotations. 

Samson reluctantly shuffled to the local bus stop in trepidation of the protocol he had recently endured. As his wayfaring thoughts wondered to a safer place, he stumbled, which abruptly regained his realism, and as he faced the impending, growing tarmac path, he instinctively threw forward his hands in defence, and shrieked in pain as they scraped hard against this aggressive surface. 

He felt the blood on his palms before he inspected these sources of suffering, subconsciously aware of his ambivalent, temporary respite from its rooted cause! He inflated to scream in defiance at the world, only then to instantly deflate with an understanding, comparative weakness. He sighed loudly, and did not care who might hear this cry of desperation, as he wanted protection, but found none of it in the humorous countenances passing by that mocked him. He regained what little composure he had, and carefully recommenced his fateful journey. 

As he neared the crowded bus stop, he consciously felt his body movement stiffen, and every move he made felt robotic – and very oiled with perspiration profuseness. His mind was racing as he uncomfortably wondered to the edge of this abyss, that he knew would suck him right in to its scary depth. He looked away in some vain hope he would not be seen, and found a little comfort from the heavenly garden scenery before him. 

He flushed in humble recognition of his name being whispered from behind him, and froze, willing the ground to swallow him up right there and then, with an emphatic empathy to the suffering in life worthy of excellence! 

At first there were just a few cruel jibes by a few, then it amassed to the many; he felt tears well up in his eyes for the injustice of it all, and then, uncharacteristically, he was struck in the face with a cowardly blow from behind with such a force that he keeled over with grateful imprisoning hands hiding his shameful face. 

The bus came moments later, and all but himself boarded.  He stood up as it left, and wondered in trial as why none of the adults waiting at the stop had come to his aid, and judged them accordingly to be guilty too. 

He skipped school for days after that and became a recluse, not trusting no one but his loving Father, who since his mother’s untimely passing had devoted himself wholeheartedly to his one and only Son.  But regardless of this trust, he could not bring himself to depart from all his woes, and kept them selflessly wrapped up within himself.

During an evening in, cornered in his bedroom, he was surprised to see his door pushed open by his circumstantial friend, who duly informed him that they were now one and the same, alienated, and tarnished with the same brush of indignation to religious respectability, and that he was now the victim in Samson’s absence at the aggrieved, civil bus stop. He told Samson that they pulled on his long hair, which fed their supposed dominant superiority. They reflectively cried tears, and found no shame in their consoling manly hugs.

That night before going to sleep, Samson remembered a parable his Father had advised him to heed, and fell softly to sleep with this understanding embrace of wisdom. 

The next morning, wearing his Christian armour and carrying the sword of peace, Samson marched to the bus stop with his Father’s knowledgeable strength. He quickly passed his friend, whose tresses were waving in the strength of the wind, and threw himself to these lion peers with a loving and forgiving heart. 

© Andrew Stevenson 12/03/2017
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Being Open

Sometimes in a relationship you clash with mind-set differences,
And can accommodate the other with a love to put aside your preferences,
But this can eat you up inside as you swallow your pride to hide your true-self,
And you can be thoughtless in your mindfulness of carefulness in quiet stealth;
But take notice of democratic divorces, and their mortality rated health. 

© Andrew Stevenson 12/03/2017
A re-edited piece.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 26 February 2018

A Hell-Bent Serpent

God said to lonely Adam
I will make you Eden,
But you are forbidden
To have your own wisdom. 

You shouldn’t eat from the tree
That I have indicated to thee
As it will make me unhappy
To see you understand like me. 

If you eat its fruit you’ll die
So do not even bother to try,
As I will roar from the sky
With a wrath of goodbye. 

God made Adam his wife, Eve,
But she was to unwisely deceive,
As the serpent made her believe
She should eat the fruit with greed. 

They now new good from evil
Which gave them a bitter-chill
As they hid from God’s call
As they were revealing their all. 

© Andrew Stevenson 26/02/2018
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.